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So excited to announce that SHAME-FULL, an original piece I co-collaborated on with my good friend Kathleen Cameron, has been picked up by the Emerging Artist's New Works Festival and will premiere at the TADA Theatre on October 3rd at 7pm. For tickets go here: Last year Kathleen and I took playwriting practicum at Tisch and felt empowered to create our own work. We were given the opportunity to do so through the New Studio on Broadway's Free Play project where we're giving a space and 30 minutes of our original work to perform. SHAME-FULL is two-woman sketch comedy show that celebrates the trials and tribulations of embracing vulnerability that make for an uproarious, gut-wrenching, heart-warming, and empowering evening. We received great feedback from our peers and teachers at Tisch which encouraged us to keep working on the piece finally submit it to the Emerging Artists New Works Series. My goal as an actor was always to produce original work, it's so thrilling to be doing just that only a few months after graduating from college

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