Long Beach Reunion

I was so excited to meet Dottie Reiner and Paul Garmen for lunch in the city today! Dottie and Paul gave me my start in musical theatre when I was only seven years old. I grew up across the street from Dottie and she and her husband Ken would host monthly singer salons where their friends would come with a dish for the potluck, money for the accompanist, and a showtune of their choice to perform. I made my debut with "Loverly" and "Just You Wait Henry Higgins" from My Fair Lady and became hooked on performing. The Reiners were also honorary producers for our local regional theatre company, Musical Theatre West, and through them I was introduced to the Executive Producer Paul Garmen. Musical Theatre West gave me an education in theatre, not only as an actor but as an audience member. They have an amazing program that allows public schools to come to their performances and it's an awesome way to get kids interested in theatre and young people supporting the arts. To learn more about Musical Theatre West and their youth programs check out their website www.Musical.org

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